I'm changing my eating habits to a healthier approach while still sticking to a student budget. I figured I'd make a place to archive all my creations and to reference for recipes in the future! Plus, who doesn't love sharing?! I went through all my cookbooks yesterday and wrote down the recipes I plan to try this summer. My goal is to make it through them all, from spinach and cheese pinwheels to chocolate chip cookie pie so stay tuned for many yummy eats to come!

Summer is here and my recent obsession is fruit smoothies. The possibilities are endless in what you can toss in and guaranteed it will always taste delicious.

The first step is collecting your ingredients. I always use frozen fruit because it also replaces ice cubes, yogurt for flavour and added thickness and juice. Optional additions my mom sometimes uses are half a banana, ice cream or milk.

First I threw in roughly three quarters of a cup of frozen mixed berries, roughly half a cup of yogurt and roughly a quarter of a cup of fruit juice (who actually uses measuring cups, anyway!)

Blend it to your desired texture, I do it for about 30-45 seconds tops.

Find your favourite glass, grab a straw and enjoy!

Simple, delicious, a serving of fruit, quick to make and easy clean up (as long as you're not clumsy like myself!) 

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  1. Em- you bought juice with added fibre? Hell, I don't even know what that is.


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