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  1. Hey Em Its Sara (Weales). If I can make a suggestion now that you have more and more content on here: more options for searching for your previous posts! I know I can see photos of all your recent posts along the bottom, and can search your archives by month -- but no way to do a quick search for a post I have in mind (you made some kind of curry long ago - chick pea maybe?). Just some constructive feedback that I hope you don't take the wrong way because I love your blog and you are doing SO great with it, I really think it's just gonna keep growing and growing and I think this could help your new & returning visitors navigating through! Love ya!

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  3. Emily, I truly love your website!
    Not just because of Oliver:)

    I am glad that I looked on facebook last evening, and noticed your link.
    Am not on there too much, so perhaps should be, more often!

    Aunt Di


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