Coconut Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

so, I was back in the kitchen today! this time I used a pre-made mix that my mom sent me in a care package over the winter. I'm having a friend in for dinner tonight so I figured it would be an appropriate time to make them (and the butter and cream cheese was on sale!)

also, a happy 18th birthday shout-out to my little sister! these were partially made in your honour today, but I'm sorry I wasn't at home to actually share them with you. next time! :)

these were super easy to make. everything was premixed so it was essentially just whipping it up and adding the few ingredients that the back of the box told me "not to leave the store without!"

they are a vanilla cupcake with coconut folded into the batter with a cream cheese frosting! they held together really nicely and the coconut gave a lovely taste. the extra coconut was sprinkled on top of the frosting!

the box said to fill the liners full, which I did and this is how tall they were. they didn't rise too much which was awesome. they are a little dark around the edges because I'm still trying to get the hang of my oven but I should have it down by the time I move out!

these turned out great. they tasted delicious and were a huge hit with my dinner guests and roommates! I prefer to make my cupcakes from scratch but barefoot contessa knows what is up. she can whip up a mean dry mix! the mix was $13.99 (according to the sticker on the box) and you could probably buy the ingredients for cheaper and make them yourself, but for convenience and simplicity, I'd give these babies a 9/10!

keep on baking up a storm!

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