Barbecue Chicken Flatbread Pizza

this came to me while sitting at work today. I saw a recipe for flatbread pizza and then I saw a recipe for bbq chicken pizza and there I just made a hybrid barbecue chicken flatbread pizza. I didn't follow a recipe specifically, I made it up as I went a long but it was delicious. seriously.

start with cooking up your chicken. I bought mine already cut, it eliminates my least favourite part (which would be touching the raw chicken. grosssss!) cook it for 10-12 minutes until it's no longer pink inside.

I mixed pizza sauce and bbq sauce together as my base. I added too much bbq sauce because it was super sweet but had I put a bit more tomato it would have evened it out. I'd definitely recommend mixing them together and using them. I bought president's choice cheese flatbread. yummm!

chop up a red onion and I bought already shredded cheese. it was the same price as a brick of cheese and it was on sale. plus it gets rid of the shredding step which is so time consuming. I always end up breaking the cheese or catching my knuckles on the grater. buying it this way means that someone (well, probably a machine) has already done it for me and hey, that's okay with me!

I put a layer of onions before the chicken. I shredded the chicken before putting it on the pizza and the coated it in barbecue sauce. what can I say, I was really feeling the sauce today!

with those simple steps complete, I covered the top in cheese and put it in the oven at 350*c for 12 minutes. my oven didn't burn it! it made the bottom crisp and melted the cheese perfectly. oh, so good. I have enough chicken left over to make a second flatbread and I plan to do so so that I can take the leftovers for lunch to work tomorrow!

there you have it, the finished product. plated and photographed. I'm working on my food photography. evidently it's quite repetitive but after the countless hours I have spent on foodgawker this summer, it is safe to say that I am taking away a few tricks here and there in regards to how to display your food properly for photos.

with that being said, I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! until next time, happy making!

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