Pink Lemonade Cupcakes with Lemonade Buttercream Frosting

I'm still having oven trouble. I burnt the bottoms of the first 12 and I completely charred the second dozen. aside from that, I'd say these were pretty yummy. there was a reason for making them, too (trust me, you need reason in this 35*c heat to start your oven and warm your shoebox of an apartment even further!) anyway, a friend and reader from work, courtney, was celebrating her 20th birthday today and she had to work at the desk so I figured I'd take her a birthday treat! it's not a birthday without cake (or so my sweet tooth says). 

I will be the first to admit that I have an obsession with foodgawker. I have spent countless hours surfing it and clicking the little hearts in the bottom right hand corner to add them to my favourites. I saw this recipe last week and decided it was a summer must-have! they were really easy to make and minus the whole burningthemtoacrisp factor, the ones I salvaged turned out pretty well.

the cake mix is just a white boxed cake mix. had I had more patience and time I would have made white cake from scratch. I just find it more satisfying and honestly, boxed cake tastes like cardboard. anyway, a box of white cake mix and 3/4 cup of frozen pink lemonade concentrate. we had to hunt down pink lemonade, the first grocery store we went to was sold out of all brands and the second one it took some serious scouring the shelves to find it. 

 but, no worries! we found it! they are this lovely pink colour in the tins but once you bake them they lose most of their colour. truth be told, you could probably add some red food colouring to make them light pink and the colour would most likely hold.

20 minutes later, here they are. you can definitely taste the lemonade so if you wanted to skip out on the lemonade buttercream you could probably just do plain frosting! but, I love lemons and lemonade and everything lemon flavoured so I totally did the buttercream and it was amazing.

the frosting was simple. 3 cups of icing sugar, a cup of butter, it called for 2 tablespoons of lemonade concentrate but I probably put six...maybe more...

okay so the icing was super tart but deliciously flavourful. I used yellow food colouring because before I took the cupcakes out I expected them to be bright pink. they weren't but I still thought the yellow icing was a nice touch.

by the time I was done I was losing my photographing steam. my kitchen was equivalent to somewhere in the middle of a tropical island and my piping bag had exploded all over my hands/face/counter/everywhere. with that I was watching the icing slide off the cupcakes I had already put in the container so here is a quick photo of the finished product.

cupcakes used to be my go-to dessert but I have thoroughly enjoyed expanding my baking horizons into squares, pies, tarts and other delectable treats! there are still many to come before the summer is up. also, quick sidenote: my jam from a few posts down is incredible. I've already eaten two jars in the week and a half since I made it and I just cant stop. last night I even had it on french toast. amazing.

happy birthday, courtney! and until next time, happy making! :)

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