Caprese Penne

I have had the worst hankering for pasta for the last few days so I finally bit the bullet and made it. I spent a bit of time on my beloved foodgawker this afternoon in search of the perfect recipe and I stumbled across it just in time - caprese penne. a lot of the time I pick my recipes based on how long the ingredient list is, this one was just the right amount of stuff.

I cannot express how easy it was to make. cook your pasta, heat your sauce, cheese and sour cream, mix it all together, throw it in a pan, garnish with fresh mozz and bake for 10 minutes. voila, the best pasta dish I've had in a while. 

cooking for myself is truly my biggest challenge. half the time the recipes make too much then I have excessive amounts of leftovers. by day four I'm gagging looking at the thought of trying to stuff it down my throat again. thankfully andrew enjoys coming over for dinner but he is not always available to come over and eat my leftovers. 

anyway, this recipe was lovely. I used half a bag of penne pasta, a third of the jar of pasta sauce, 1/4 cup sour cream and 1/2 grated parmesan. I used my fresh basil leaves from my plant (which is pretty much dead, I managed to salvage a few) and about half a ball of mozzarella. I plan to use the other half to make margherita pizza over the weekend! 

with the amount of pasta I made, I'd say this recipe would safely serve 5-6 people. andrew is writing an econ exam tonight so I'm planning to take him some leftovers when he's finished because hey, everyone loves to eat after doing math! (or maybe that's just me?)

working full time also means that bringing a lunch is a necessity so leftovers for lunch tomorrow, too! I'm off on saturday with big plans to make cookies and sleep.  oh, and get a haircut before I jet off to the east coast for a few days next week to see some blogging friends of mine, kayla and andy

my mom, sister and I spent last weekend together here in the city and went to the byward market on sunday morning in search of fresh local produce to make dinner with - it was successful! we had pulled pork in the crockpot, cabbage salad with local cabbage, carrots and red onions and fresh blueberries and peaches with a homemade poundcake from my mom. you can view our trip to the market here

I hope everyone is enjoying the last stretch of summer before school starts back up.

until next time, happy making!

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