Brownie Hearts with Raspberry Buttercream

yesterday was valentine's day and I decided to go all out and make Andrew dinner, from start to finish! this was dessert and let me tell you, it was delicious. they were pretty simple to make. I whipped up the brownie batter and buttercream on monday night after class and let it sit overnight and finished it up yesterday afternoon!

the recipe said to line the pan in tinfoil so that it would be easier to remove, which I did but I would recommend spraying the tinfoil with non-stick spray. I didn't and I imagine if I had it would have been slightly easier to remove them! 

I used this recipe (as found on foodgawker - seriously, if you haven't checked out this site, you must) but omitted the espresso powder because I didn't want to buy it just for a teaspoon. I have no idea if it not being there effected the taste or not because these things were pretty yummy. they were the perfect fudgy consistency. and the buttercream? to die for. I had to use frozen raspberries because my grocery store was out of fresh (of course, the week they are 2/$4!) but it was great. it made a ton of extra so I'm going to freeze the remainder and use it sometime in the future!

my dinner post will be up soon, featuring stuffed flank steak and roasted potatoes. I hope everyone enjoyed their valentine's day! ours was absolutely lovely.

until next time, happy making!  

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