Puppy Chow

I have no idea why this is called puppy chow, but I can say it was the easiest and probably one of the most unhealthy snacks I've made. when I say easy, I mean that it took me all of five minutes to make. when I say unhealthy, I mean it has a cup of chocolate chips and is coated in icing sugar!

I've been reading about puppy chow for a long time and never really looked into what it was, so after finding a recipe the other day, I realized that it was probably one of the most straightforward things to make. the biggest challenge I seemed to have was finding a microwave safe bowl!

1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 butter
1 cup chocolate chips
dash of vanilla
9 cups of chex cereal (I used honey nut, delicious!)
2 cups of powered sugar

in a microwave safe bowl, melt the peanut butter, butter and chocolate chips for one minute. remove and add vanilla and stir. place cereal in a large bowl and coat with mix. put the powered sugar in a large bag or container (I used a huge rubbermaid and it worked great!) and pour the cereal mix in, shake to coat in sugar. eat away!

the semester is winding down and the temperatures are going up, up, up! it's a balmy 10*c outside today and is supposed to get up to 15*c by the end of the week! spring is definitely here and everyone's spirits have been lifted. 

there will be much more to come in the near future. until next time, happy making! 

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  1. Down here in Buffalo, these are called muddy buddies.


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