In a Jar

Are you still in a pinch for what to give for Christmas? These are additions to a gift I already have for one of my favourite families but they were easy to put together and so cute when they are finished! The jar to the left is cran-raisin oatmeal cookies and the right is a homemade candy cane hot chocolate mix.

The layered cookie jar provides the recipient with all of the necessary dry ingredients ready and measured - all they will have to do is add the wet ingredients. A little tag with the instructions and ta-da, ready to gift! The recipe was in one of my mom's "Gifts to Give" Company's Coming cookbook (which had about a million things inside I wanted to try!)

The hot chocolate mix was a Martha Stewart recipe and I just crushed and added four candy canes to make it peppermint!  Mix it with some warm milk, whipped cream and marshmallows and you are drinking a Christmas dream.

And lastly, just because my wrapping looks wonderful under the tree...

This year I used brown wrapping paper and burgundy ribbon with wire edges which made it really easy to shape. I mixed mod podge and gold glitter and painted letters onto the gift tags. I kept it simple and clean and I think they are really eye-pleasing!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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