This little corner of the internet is going to be reworked a little bit. Change is good and it's all around us all the time, so why not embrace it. I underwent a big change this weekend and going forward, this blog will reflect it!

Andrew and I made the decision to move into an apartment - but not just any apartment - our first apartment together! We'd been living with friends after moving back on short notice in the fall, but we were ready to take the next step and here we are! In our own little two bedroom apartment in a trendy neighbourhood in our own little corner of Ottawa!

This will be full of firsts for us! This is the first time the two of us will be living together in our own space and we're bound to face a learning curve, all while making this space our own. I love DIYs and what girl doesn't love trends, home decor, creating things in the kitchen, and all things glitter? So this blog is going to transition to more of a lifestyle space. There will be a bit of home decor, a bit of my DIY project that I'll undertake, baking, cooking and just general things worth sharing.

I like change. A lot of people my age can't live without change. With this big change in my life comes an excellent opportunity to expand my corner of the web and share with you how we're making our home within our white walls.

This weekend I bought a couch and a basil plant. Our kitchen ledge has the perfect
amount of sunlight to keep this guy alive. 

The first of many "dinner for two" nights. My mason jar courtesy of Andrew's sweet Nonna.

Stay tuned for what is hopefully a successful start to sharing a few of my favourite things.

Cheers to new beginnings!

Nothing like a cold glass of orange juice in a perfectly polka dotted cup via Target Canada. 

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