The end of the week

Who knew you could long for a weekend at home so desperately? We've been on the go since the beginning of May and for a while it seemed like there was no end in sight! Weekend trips to respective home towns, a wedding, even a trip to Las Vegas was thrown in there! But this past weekend we finally stayed put. No 4-5 hour Friday night drive anywhere after a long day of work - instead we came home and hung out on the couch, and boy was it needed!

Some quiet time at home gave us a chance to putter around our apartment. We've been in it almost two months now and have only had a couple weekends here, so it was the perfect opportunity to clean up and cross a few things off of our to-do list.

Andrew used to buy me fresh flowers every few weeks in the first few years of our relationship, then I developed an allergy. It was a sad day when I finally pieced together that it was the flowers that were giving me a sore throat, an ear ache and watery eyes! This weekend I decided we'd give it another go and try it out - and so far, so good! Minimal irritation which means that flowers could become a regular thing in our home! My $3 bouquet from Loblaws is still going strong as I type this.

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With summer just being around the corner, Ontario strawberries are in season! They taste like candy and are red, red, red! We ate enough berries this weekend that we probably should have morphed into one! Sunday morning we went to the farmers market at Brewer Park and we left there with our arms full and the start of a new Sunday tradition.

When we returned from our trip, it was to my surprise that my succulents and my basil plant had died, so I made it my goal to replace them this weekend and add a bit more green to our place. The terrarium was on sale at Chapters so I couldn't pass it up! The fairy castle cactus and the moon cactus are a lovely addition to our kitchen window.

With our new apartment comes new traditions - and last weekend just so happened to be the start of a few new ones! We've got a great summer ahead of us and I'm looking forward to making a few more. 

I hope you stick around to see what else we get up to in making this apartment a home! 

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