On what I declared as treat yo'self Sunday this weekend, I bought a cookie jar.  It's the perfect addition to my countertop and I can almost guarantee it will always be full!

'treat yo'self Sunday' also involved sunflowers.

So, after making a delectable pumpkin loaf on Sunday, on Monday night I made cookies!  While we were eating dinner I was scanning through what I already had in the cupboard and after finding an unopened carton of molasses, the deal was done - ginger molasses cookies!

After a few quick searches, and finding quite a few recipes with ingredients I didn't have at hand, I finally found Chewy Molasses Spice cookies from my dear friend Martha Stewart. 

Quick and easy to whip up, soft and chewy on the inside, the perfect amount of crunch and crisp around the outside. 10/10! I would make these cookies again (and again, and again). 

Cookies are my go-to. They're my favourite sweet treat and I always include two with my lunch.  Instead of buying store-bought cookies, I'm committing to making my own every week so that I know what's going in to them, and consequently, what's going in to my body. Because if you're going to eat cookies, they should at least be homemade, right?

look at those sugar crystals, mmmm!

Overall, my self-declared 'treat yo'self Sunday' was an ultimate success. My kitchen looks extra cheerful with a jar of sunflowers, and the cookies filled my new jar up to the top! I couldn't be more excited about it. 

There are still so many fall-type baking things I can't wait to tackle! And so many more ideas swirling in my head.  It'll all end up here, so keep watching for it.  Happy making!

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