The end of October is here (boo!) and with that comes a holiday I'm not too fond of - Hallowe'en.  But this year I have big plans.  And by big plans, I mean big. I'm going to a Hallowe'en party, but not just any party...this is a party hosted by Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian with guest DJ Brody Jenner.

YES! You read that right! A party hosted by members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan! My friend Heather, my sister and I are going to the Haunted Carnival hosted by Faces Magazine here in Ottawa and we. are. so. excited.

So with that I knew I had to come up with a costume this year! I was stumped and after searching Pinterest, I came across Lauren Conrad's Tooth Fairy tutorial and was sold. I'm not into the gore and fake blood that comes with the holiday, and really, any reason to dress up in tulle is one I won't pass up.

Without further delay, here it is!

I ran into some speed bumps because I don't sew. I may have had to start over three times (third time's a charm) and I may have had to go buy more tulle to make a tutu to go underneath because the blush and white combo was too sheer, but I made it work!

I'm going to spare you the instructions and direct you to LC's site if you want to give this a go, but I have a costume and I'm really excited about it! I need to find a white dress to wear underneath and find a bag to label "teeth" (and it will double as my clutch for the night).

My company for the night are taking the gorey, scary route for their costumes, so we'll look like quite the trio showing up together.  Fingers crossed people don't mistake me for a loofa!

 For good measure, here's someone who thought he was helping me.  How could you say no to that little face!

Have a safe and happy Hallowe'en, my friends! Keep it spooky!


  1. That's a really pretty costume!

    The Kardashians are always entertaining! Sounds like a fun party--hope you have fun!

    Happy Halloween :)!

  2. Emily, I just love that dress! You are so creative, and always make your ambitions WORK. I especially love that darling little thing with the black face and ears. He is just precious! I can't wait to see you Oliver, next week:) Love & hugs, Aunt Di xo xo xo

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