This year I decided to go full-adult and send out Christmas cards. Then I decided to take on a large task and make my own Christmas cards! I've been working on them in my spare time over the last few weeks and it's safe to say I'm finally done! 

I'm hoping to get these out this week! Once the writing and addressing of the envelopes is complete, it will be time to spread some Christmas cheer! 

I will say that the Christmas lights idea was borrowed from a card I saw on Instagram, but the rest of the ideas came out of my brain!

I bought my card stock and envelope set at Michael's, I had a lot of the craft stuff already in my supply closet and the last few things came from the Target dollar bins. 

I have a lot planned for December, but my biggest obstacle is time. I'm hoping to fully dedicate next weekend to tackle a few of the things off my list! 

See you here later this week!

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