Well, here it is! The end of the year and what a year it has been!

2014 started quietly, but towards the end got to be the best of the best. As the year comes to an end we'll start 2015 quietly as well, just two of us and a night in! Here's a "quick" recap of 2014...

Andrew traveled for work for most of the month, I did a lot of hot yoga, and a five year anniversary with my one and only that included Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto and a sweet treat to cap it all off!

My work contract became one step closer to being a permanent position, we celebrated my 25th birthday at Le Nordik spa, Andrew did some more traveling for work, there was still a fair bit of yoga happening, and it was still bitter cold.

A big decision was made! Apartment hunting became a full-time job, Andrew's poor little car was rear-ended and consequently totalled, and some dear friends from Winnipeg came for a weekend visit!

In the running for the best month of the year - the keys to our first apartment became ours! We spent many evenings at our new place trying to get everything settled in before our furniture came at the end of the month. The apartment was essentially our main focus this month (and the fact that our cat was coming back to us!) Cheers to new beginnings.

This was just the beginning on a non-stop busy summer! We unpacked, bought furniture, settled in to a new lifestyle together, spent a few weekends in Toronto, celebrated at a long-time friend's wedding, (hey, Michaela!) and had so many engagements to celebrate this month (looking at you Lindsay, Miranda, and Holly!)

Our much-anticipated trip to Las Vegas was finally here! We spent time by the pool, did some serious shopping, soaked up the sun, and saw a few incredible shows. We also shopped the Farmers Market on Sundays, my little sister graduated from college, and we explored our new neighbourhood by foot and by bicycle!

Canada Day celebrations, The Killers at Bluesfest (a lifelong dream come true), Justin Timberlake with my bff Heather (SIXTH ROW), another trip to Toronto, and an absolutely incredible weekend in Muskoka with far-away friends where we spent the day on the water despite the overcast skies and cool temperatures (it's all what you make of it!)

Andrew turned 24! The revitalization of this little Internet space started, and my dear friend Maggie tied the knot! The following weekend one of Andrew's high school friend's got married, so another weekend of wedding celebrations took place! It was the end to one hell of an adventurous summer!

This was the beginning of really throwing myself at the blog. It was also a really quiet month in comparison to the previous four! We spent a lot of time at home in the evenings, really got into cooking at home, went Treetop Trekking with Heather, and the summer weather hung on for a little bit longer. Apparently the most photo-worthy moment this month were my new boyfriend jeans.

Thanksgiving, my butter tarts were featured on Buzzfeed, apple picking which resulted in many apple treats, made my Halloween costume from scratch, we kept up the yearly tradition of visiting haunted houses in and around Ottawa, and we celebrated Hallowe'en at a star-studded party (below you will find cotton candy, a cigarette girl, and a face stealer).

This is my least favourite month of the year, but we made it work. I started preparing for Christmas by making my own cards, a weekend at a cottage in Muskoka with good friends, got a head start on my Christmas shopping, a lot of baking, and a lot of movie watching - even some selfies in Target!

I started the month by lobbing off my hair up to my shoulders, the first significant snowfall fell, we hosted our first Christmas party in our apartment, and the holidays finally came around! We split our time evenly between both families and appreciated what this time of year is all about!

Now I'm ready to take on 2015!

My vision for 2015 has a few exciting things lined up, and a few goals in mind. I am hoping for a bit of travel, a lot of saving, and hopefully this little space will grow into what I really envision it to be! I said it about 2014 and it wasn't disappointing, so we'll say it again: 2015 is going to be my year.

And for those who know how much I love pho...my official pho tally for 2014 maxes out at fourteen. Yes. I ate pho fourteen times in 2014.

I am wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015 filled with family, friends, laughter and a heck of a lot of love! Happy New Year!

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