Don't these look great? Well, I'll tell you, they are! I've been eager to try these for a while but I was having trouble finding the açaí puree here! After a few phone calls around the city, Whole Foods was the answer.

I'm also happy to share that I'm contributing to the Milk Shop blog - a boutique here in Ottawa in the Byward Market! I've got a breakfast club series every Monday so be sure to check it out!

Many of my close friends and family are well aware that I hate bananas. Hate is a strong word but those feelings resonate with me when I think about bananas. Since most recipes call for frozen banana (likely to give it that creamy texture), I opted for frozen mango instead. If you like bananas I'd probably go for it instead of the mango. The rest of the ingredients are pretty much up to you!

There are some behind the scenes things you don't see that go into a blog post. Big messes. I pulled the blender out today, filled it up with the ingredients, and plugged it in. Little did I know it would instantly start and after a few "OH NO! OH NO! HELP!"'s coming from the kitchen...there was açaí everywhere (on the cabinets, on the floor, in my hair.)

Now, onto the recipe!

Servies 2

2 packets of açaí smoothie packs
1 cup of frozen mango (or one frozen banana)
1/2 cup of almond milk, juice, or water (unfortunately I didn't have the former and had to use water)
fruits, nuts, seeds, granola, yogurt, honey, agave, etc. for toppings

1. In a blender (with the lid on!) blend the smoothie packs, frozen fruit, and liquid until smooth. 
2. Top with fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, seeds, etc - whatever your heart desires!

It's actually that easy. Packed with antioxidants and customizable to suit your taste - give them a try!

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