I've felt creatively stumped lately, but with temperatures in the mid-teens, the snow melting, and the sun shining regularly, there is no reason not to find inspiration everywhere!

Here's a look at what I've been up to lately according to Instagram - you can follow along @whatemilysaid!

A new floor plant that I've had trouble keeping alive thanks to a pesky cat!

Fresh flowers are part of our weekly grocery list!

A new way to see adventure!

Happy Monday and 'just because' flowers!

Plotting my next adventure...

Easter Sunday wear! The sun was shining but it was still so. cold.

I basically want to live in a greenhouse. I'm slowly but surely getting there...

Poached cod with fresh vegetables. It was so delicious I had to share.

I told you! Flowers are a regular thing around these parts.

Wise and fitting words from our Friday night date.

The high today is 16c so we're heading out to spend the day outside! Happy Sunday!

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