The summer weather finally seems to be making an appearance, and with that comes entertaining, spending plenty of time soaking up the sunshine, and a fresh perspective on your decor. Winter seemed to last forever so any glimpse of summer has me thinking about heading outside with endless ideas in tow.

Growing up in Muskoka we spent a lot of the summer out on the water or in the backyard enjoying the weather and good company.  Now that I’m in the city we don’t have the same opportunity. Jeez, I don’t even have a balcony! But, that doesn’t mean that I’m not dreaming about what I would do if I had that kind of space. 

Getting your backyard ready for summer entertaining is so much fun! It’s easy to elevate your space and bring in elements that speak to your personal aesthetic. A colourful woven rug under your patio table takes it from drab to fab in 60 seconds; planted shrubs in bright pots or cement planters bring your middle-of-the-city condo balcony that touch of greenery that it may be missing; and a string of lights under the railing on your deck give it a luminous glow after the sun has gone down...I’m dreaming of what I am going to do someday!

Entertaining also means getting out all of my favourite serving pieces that I don’t normally have a chance to use!  As much as I would love to drink my orange juice out of gold champagne flutes, I’ve got them tucked away for a special occasion. I can’t think of a better time than with friends on a warm summer evening. Using fancy serving pieces and your coveted stemwear totally elevates your backyard BBQ from casual to classy in one simple step. 

For me, the change of seasons signals a legitimate reason to switch up my decor and give my space a fresh perspective. If you’re going to be spending most of the summer outside, why not bring elements of you into that space as well and make it just as personalized as the interior of your home.

Don’t stop at the “norm” for your backyard--bring out the balloons, tasseled garlands, mix patterns and prints, brights and neutrals, and work to incorporate your theme into your surroundings to transform your space into the perfect party atmosphere. 

Four hopeful months of sunshine and summer adventures await! How are you getting your backyard, balcony, or patio summer ready?



    I love lemon in anything at all.
    Your photos are just lovely Emily.
    I admire that you can make 'simple' items look so very attractive and sweet.
    Keep going! You have such naturally good ideas!

    Aunt Di

  2. Imagine reading about Summer, in December?
    Well I have enjoyed it very much Emily, but the funniest part is, that Muakoka does not have a flake of snow and it has been mild. The rain is not fun, but makes for getting around, very easy. No freezing at all yet! Highly unusual. The snow will come though. Last evening, it was 14 degrees outside after sunset, and late!

    Di :)


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