Summer is finally here! Like, 30c+ type weather. It feels like it took forever to arrive but now that we've got the warm weather I hope it stays for awhile. It's amazing what the sunshine does for your mental health!

We headed to Somerset Street the other night to get bubble tea and take a walk after dinner. These Joe Fresh culottes are honestly one of my favourite pieces this season. They're so light and airy, and are super versatile. Obsessed is an understatement. I strongly suggest that if you haven't given them a go this season, run out and get a pair before it's too late!

Culottes: Joe Fresh / Top: Express / Jacket: Old Navy / Sandals: Steve Madden

The more we explore, the more content I am with being in Ottawa. I just bought a new bike so I'm really excited to see the city on two wheels - it's about time after being here for 7 years! 

Enjoy the sunshine! 

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