Well, November is here already and I hope it's gone as quickly as it came. I find November to be a really difficult month to get through. The weather is cool, the last signs of the nice weather fade into bleak, grey skies, and the whole world seems to turn in on itself to prepare for the impending winter. I really struggle to get through this month, but with that being said we've been lucky so far with the weather staying on the warmer side. I have a feeling that will change sooner rather than later.

This jacket is one of my favourite wardrobe pieces this fall. It's on the heavier side, but the lack of a closure to bundle up makes it breathable and even better, layerable (here I am making up words to convey my love for this jacket!)

With Christmas being around the corner, there's a lot going on in Ottawa this month so I've got a few things penciled into my calendar to a) help get through this month and b) support Ottawa and the incredible people that make up this city. Bet you didn't think I'd be saying that, right? Well, Ottawa is growing on me. If you're in the city, here are a few things you should check out over the next few weeks.

1. The Closet Collective on Friday, November 20th at the Ottawa School of Art. For $30 you will receive an empty bag which you can fill with as many items as you can. Proceeds from the pop-up will go to directly support the Ottawa School of Art and the surplus clothing from the sale will be distributed to Dress for Success and St. Joe's Women's Centre.

2. Capital Pop-up! Handmade Show on November 21st from 12-5pm at Makerspace North. This warehouse based handmade show will showcase Ottawa's talented artisans and vendors from across the city.

3. The Museum's Christmas Market from November 26-29th at the Canadian Museum of History. 75 exhibitors in the museum's Grand Hall to showcase their unique products!

So amidst the grey skies there are certainly things to look forward to! If you're in Ottawa I strongly encourage you to get out into the community and support local this holiday season. These are just a few of the great events taking place over the next few weeks with more to come!

What I'm Wearing / Jacket: Zara (similar here and here) / Scarf: Forever 21 / Shoes: Zara (also love these)


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