fall hiking outfit with quilted plaid vest

I didn't know I loved the outdoors so much until I moved to the city. I took my small-town upbringing for granted. I didn't know how good I had it until I got older and missed the fresh, clean air and small town vibe. I'll tell people now that I grew up in Muskoka and I watch their eyes widen as they exclaim how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful part of the province. Now that I'm caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life, I appreciate visiting my parents for the weekend, or finding that piece of Muskoka here in the National Capital Region.

Gatineau Park is one of my favourite places in the area. I've made an effort to visit at least once every fall to take in the colours and breathe in the air. There is something so refreshing about being outdoors. Saturday was probably the last of the warmer days this year so we piled into the car and took ourselves to Gatineau Park...with the hundreds of other people who had the exact same idea.

picture of gatineau hills in the fall
Seriously, look at this view!
Dressing for the weather this time of year is so tricky. You need a jacket, scarf and mitts in the morning but then by noon you're sweating through your layers and thinking about the summer dresses you packed in your closet for another long winter. 

This quilted vest is the perfect in-between piece. It's not heavy so it layers easily with a long-sleeve top or light knit. I'll certainly be wearing it over and over again! It would go nicely with a plaid flannel or underneath your fall coat that you're just not ready to put away once the snow comes. I love that plaid hasn't gone out of style yet. There is something so cozy and comforting about the pattern - it screams "let's curl up on the couch with a huge blanket and warm cup of tea!" No, just me? That's okay. I'll excuse my plaid-loving-self to the couch! 

fall hiking outfit with quilted plaid vest
Wouldn't be an adventure without putting some of it on my Instagram stories!
fall hiking outfit with quilted plaid vest

fall hiking outfit with quilted plaid vest

fall hiking outfit with quilted plaid vest

fall hiking outfit with quilted plaid vest

Vest: Old Navy | Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Levi's 721 | Boots: Hunter

I'm a creature of habit and shop at the same stores over and over. I've tried to break the habit but I find that sizing is so varied across of every store that I always fall back on my old favourites. Between that and the fact that I'm a sucker for a good deal or a fully stocked clearance rack. We all have our quirky habits...

I can't say I own a pair of hiking boots so in an effort to look like I knew what I was getting myself into on our hike, I opted for the rubber boots. Safe for all terrains and hey, if we came across a mud puddle I wouldn't have to stand there wondering how to get across it. My Hunter boots are going into their fourth season with me and have yet to let me down! If you're considering the investment, just do it. I can't say enough good things about them! 

Here's a special shout-out to my partner in crime! Thanks for always being up for an adventure, even if it does take a bit of convincing. This is the ninth fall we've watched the leaves fall and the seasons change and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else! 

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