Would you believe me if I said that 20 minutes before I met with the photographer for this session, I was hit square in the back of the head with a baseball and ended up with a concussion? Well, it's a true story. Let me explain...

I've never been the athletic type. Gym class was always my least favourite part of the school day when I was a kid and I didn't play many competitive sports growing up. I was on the synchronized swimming team, and as I've gotten older I've found my groove with yoga and cycling. So, all pretty low impact and manageable for someone with little coordination for a sport that requires keeping my eyes on moving parts (aka a ball!)

When LVD Fitness, a local fitness apparel company, reached out to me to work together I was super excited to say yes, but I felt inclined to declare that I'm not very athletic (read as: I can't run 100m without panting furiously) When you visit their Instagram page, it features a ton of strong men and women, so why me? Why was I the right fit for this? After all, I can't catch a baseball either...

Just before John of LVD Fitness met up with me a few weeks ago, Andrew and I were tossing a softball around in the backyard, practicing for the upcoming softball season. I agreed to play on his team for the summer because I figured it would be a great way for us to spend time together over the next few months! Well, my softball career ended within 10 minutes of it starting on that brisk Saturday a few weeks ago. A fluke accident ended with me getting a baseball to the back of the head (don't turn away from the ball!) and a mild concussion. Not the kind of BOGO deal I'd typically go for!

Well, this just goes to show that everyone demonstrates their strength in different ways. For me, I feel my strongest when I'm holding a pose in yoga and breathing deeply, strengthening my core and my mind. I feel my strongest when I'm gliding down the parkway path along the river on my bike after cruising down a hill. Sometimes I even feel my strongest when I'm walking to get an ice cream cone on a hot summer evening. I don't feel my strongest running, or playing baseball, or lifting 5 bags of groceries and a case of club soda just to avoid making two trips from the car. 

Strength and fitness is portrayed differently in each person. There's no label for what does and doesn't make you strong, or what does and doesn't make you athletic, which is why I am happy to partner with LVD Fitness to help share what their apparel does to make a difference.

Here's a little bit about LVD Fitness, because as someone who supports local, I love what they stand for. LVD started with two students who wanted to make a difference. Co-founders Josh Reyes and Mallory Rowan are nationally-qualified power lifters, and with their intensive training in meant that they had little time to volunteer to do what they wanted to do to make a difference. They recognized that they may not be the only ones feeling this way, so they created a community for athletes to come together and make a difference. They partnered with WaterAid Canada, also headquartered in Ottawa, and portion of every purchase goes directly to WaterAid Canada. Now that is making a difference.

LVD Fitness is having a huge spring sale this week with a new deal every day and even better, no code necessary! This sale is only happening until Friday so head on over to their site and see what you can snag!

 The warmest socks that were so necessary on a sunny, but really cold day in April!

I wore this t-shirt for a few days when I was knocked flat on the couch with the aforementioned concussion! It's super comfortable!

What makes YOU feel strong? Are you athletically inclined or are you like me and baseballs aren't your friends? I'd love to hear from you here or over on Instagram! 

Photos shot by John Arano. See more of his work on Instagram or on his website.

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  1. My dear Emily! I do not just read your blog, I savour every word and image.

    I, like you, am not truly any kind of athlete, albeit in a shorter, rounder body.

    I workout a few times each week, strength and core. And I walk every single day from 15-90 minutes depending on my schedule.

    All this to say, EVERYONE can be active, it isn't about athleticism, it us about movement, about doing apsomething you enjoy that is good for your body, mind and soul.

    My sincere gratitude for your candour!

    Bravo and cheers,


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