If I had to pick one piece of clothing to wear for the rest of my life, it would be culottes--hands down! (OK, probably a shirt, too, but we can cross this bridge when we come to it!) They are so flattering, and like most of my favourite pieces, they are versatile. They can be tricky since they cut you off mid-calf so I'm always conscious of which shoes I pair with them to ensure I elongate my legs!

These pink culottes are my best purchase from this spring! I originally bought them in black and once I got them home and realized how comfortable they are I knew I wanted to go back and get them in pink. The only dilemma? I couldn't find them anywhere in Ottawa! Luckily I spotted a pair hanging on the rack in Zara a few weeks later on a trip to Toronto and scooped them up without hesitation. They've been in my weekly rotation of work outfits, switching my top so my co-workers don't think I only own two pairs of pants and two shirts. My particular culottes don't seem to be available anymore, but here are a few similar pairs: here, here, and here.

I used to "save" my most-loved pieces of clothing in fear that wearing them too often would cause holes, fading, or make them look tired. I've recently thrown that rule waaaay out the window and I'm wearing the crap outta my clothing. I've been known to only wear something a handful of times in fear of ruining it because I love it so much, but this season that has all changed. I've got a rotation of my most-loved pieces while the rest of my closet is starting to feel rejected! So if you see me wearing the same thing 8 days in a row, just know it's because I really love it. 

This outfit makes me feel effortlessly chic And my shorter haircut which almost always looks messy (unintentionally or not, I'll let you decide) makes it seem even more effortless. I think that's my favourite part of short hair - the shorter and more disheveled it looks, in most instances, the better. Cindy captured the essence of this outfit perfectly! A huge shout-out to Cindy of Cindy Bekkedam Photography for her patience and her incomparable talent.

What is your most-loved piece of clothing? Do you wear your clothes until they are falling apart or do you tend to keep your most-loved pieces tucked safely in your closet?

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