Ah, sweet summer. You've finally arrived. Not just on the calendar but in terms of temperature and sunshine! That was a rough start to the summer with record breaking rainfall, but the drier weather means a) my hair will look half decent and b) the makeup won't wash off my face from the sideways rain.

So, what better time than now to round up some of my beauty favourites for summer! This is a small sampling, honing in on hair products and make-up! I'm the first to admit that I'm not very savvy when it comes to make-up. I own a handful of products that I wear on repeat, mostly because I know how to use them (or at least I think I do), so it's a safe bet. Eyeshadow? No way! No idea how to even apply it without looking like I did it in the dark, so I steer clear from that. But blush? I own five because it's hard to screw up swiping a splash of pink across your cheeks. Or at least I think it one has told me I look like a clown...yet.

Without further ado, here's a quick round-up of what I'm loving during the warmer months!

The Elate Cosmetics mascara and lipgloss are my Indie Beauty Co. picks for this month! I've tried an all natural mascara before and the results were very itchy eyes! There was something about it that just didn't mesh with me and I felt the results of that for a few days. When I considered trying the mascara from Elate Cosmetics, I waited for an opportunity to try it when I knew I'd be at home in case my eyes reacted in the same way.

Good news! My eyes love this mascara. I'm really picky about my mascara. I prefer a drier formula and a big, traditional brush. I've tried the rubber wands, wands with fancy balls at the end of them, tapered wands, but I always fall back on a big, fat brush as my favourite. This brush perfectly meets my needs and the formula is amazing. I wore this mascara to hot yoga last night (in addition to wearing it in 30*c weather all day!) and it didn't run or smudge. With clean, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients, I highly recommend giving this mascara a try. Although the price point is high at $28, it's worth every single penny. When you're putting something near your eyes, it's a smart choice to know what the ingredients are.

The pigmented soft pink Elate Cosmetics lipgloss in Belle is the perfect shade. With a wedding this Saturday and next Saturday, you better believe my lips will be rocking this rosy shade of pink as the finishing touch. There is something so feminine and flirty about a blush coloured lip, so make sure to tuck this lipgloss into your purse for date night or your next special occasion!

I've mentioned the Pink House Organics glow stick before but it totally deserves to be mentioned again. My favourite shade is in Rose and it gives you the ultimate rosey flush on your cheeks! When my face is tanned in the summer I often skip the makeup routine and instead opt for a swipe of my favourite blush and fill in my eyebrows for a more relaxed make-up look. This blush is a must-add to your collection! Like all of my Indie Beauty co. picks, this blush is completely natural and cruelty free. I'm thinking about adding the Ice shade to my collection, but first I need a lesson in how to apply a highlighter. Good thing my little sister is a make-up artist!

With summer comes a more tousled, "I want it to look like I don't care but obviously I care more than I should" look with my hair. Now that it's shorter and much blonder, I prioritize adding texture and volume to it to make it look like I know what I'm doing!

One product that has been a total game changer for me is texture spray. I originally fell in love with the Kristin Ess matte finish dry texturizing spray, and it will always be my one true love. But since it's only available at Target (so sad!) I had to find an alternative that's readily available in Canada, to meet my beach wave needs. I love this Bamboo Beach tousled texture spray by Alterna Haircare. My only complaint is that it's not a dry spray, so you can feel it in your hair but once it dries it works like magic! It adds texture and hold to my waves and it smells like coconuts and ocean waves. This is a staple in my hair routine this summer to make my waves look effortless and like I just rolled out of bed (but in reality we all know I get up at least 75 minutes before I have to leave for work!) While this product isn't necessarily organic, it is formulated with eco-certified bamboo and Tahitian coconut to make your hair healthy and resilient.

OK, back to talking about my girl crush on Kristin Ess. What I would give to have her style my hair everyday. Or even better, to have her products available in Canada! I am planning a trip to the states in August with a few people solely to stock up on her products. I picked up this Loose Styling Powder when we were in Florida in January but haven't had a reason to pull it out until now! This is like glue, but not in your conventional glue-like ways. We were planning an all-day boating day on Saturday so I knew I wanted to keep my hair out of my face. I asked my beauty savvy sister (she's always saving me!) to work her braid magic, so she did two dutch braids for me. My hair is thick, but not as thick as I want it to be sometimes. Plus, it's still relatively short so I knew there would be fly-aways and unruly pieces once we got out on the water! I used this styling powder to give my braid texture and to make it tacky and let me tell you, these braids hardly moved. We whipped across the lake at full throttle and they were still almost perfectly in tact! This is like magic! Ugh, Kristin Ess, why are you and your products so perfect. Here is (poor quality iPhone) photographic evidence of the braid pre-boating. The only thing that could destroy it was Andrew soaking me with a water gun and falling off the tube. Even then, it still maintained it's was just a tad haphazard.

 There you have it! Those are a handful of my essentials for summer. While I'm no make-up expert, I can appreciate a solid mascara and a pigmented blush to help me pull myself together. In addition to hair that I intentionally style to make it look like I rolled out of bed, I'm willingly driving the hot mess express half the time!

Do you have any all-time beauty favourites for the summer months? I'm always looking out for new products to try, so share your favourites--I'd love to hear them! Until then, soak up that Vitamin D but don't forget to protect your skin!

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