Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Andrew hosted a backyard bbq tonight and it wouldn't be complete without some sort of dessert! I also made red radish and potato salad, so watch for that in the next few days. onto my pie, though! I was originally planning to make a strawberry cake but when I went to find my recipe this morning the website had been deleted! I moved onto the next best thing (and it was surprisingly easy). chocolate chip cookie pie, yum! 

all you need is a pie crust (pre-made makes it easier) and the ingredients to whip up chocolate chip cookie dough. I used this recipe to make my dessert and it was simple! if I didn't pause to take pictures and be ~*~artsy then guaranteed I would have had this baby whipped up in five minutes. 

 the ingredients for this delicious pan of goodness are regularly stocked items. flour, brown sugar, granulated sugar, chocolate chips and butter. mix it all with a beater, lay it into the pan and voila! you get this!


I'll admit. I made a mistake measuring the butter and put 1 1/4 cups rather than 3/4 cup and didn't realize this until I mixed and thought 'wow, this is a heck of a lot lighter and fluffier than I imagined.' it didn't effect the overall taste though, the only thing that happened was all the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom instead of staying mixed within the dough. it still tasted delicious and there wasn't even a crumb left in the plate!

it bakes for an hour but you can make it in advance and just warm it before serving. I served it with french vanilla ice cream. perfect for picky eaters and also those with high expectations! I'd recommend trying it out. the recipe can be found on the website above!

until next time, happy making!

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