Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

for some strange reason I had a hankering for these so today I finally whipped them up. after scouring my cookbooks I couldn't find a simple recipe so I turned to the internet and with google came across this one. I didn't include pecans because I didn't have any (and they're too pricey to go out and buy) and I didn't put brown sugar on top because I just wasn't feeling it but otherwise they were simple to make and delicious, too! 

these are birthday muffins for my cousin, lyna. even though she's in cuba and doesn't even live near me when she's not tanning in the sun, I made these in her birthday honour and plan to eat them all.

my roommate and I both thoroughly enjoy baking so it's go big or go home here.

easy peasy. mix your oats and milk and let it stand for 15 minutes. mix the rest of your wet ingredients and stir together. mix together your dry ingredients. add the wet to the dry and stir until moist (don't over mix, I have no idea why this is so crucial when making muffins but apparently it is!)

grease up your muffin tins, I always use butter, and scoop two thirds full. mine were almost full and didn't rise a whole lot, so use your judgement depending on how large and in charge you want your muffins to be.

bake in the oven at 400*f for 20 minutes and voila, these gooey tasty morsels will dissolve in your mouth.

I still haven't totally mastered my oven, I still manage to burn something, this time the sides of my muffins but I figure it'll come in time. after all, I do have another eleven months here to try to figure it out.

now it's time to go enjoy the summer weather that we have been blessed with! tonight I'm making chickpea tabbouleh, so stay tuned for that! :)

happy baking!

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  1. what is up? You didn't make any sort of baked good in a small metal pan in my honour!?


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