No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Pie

mmm so let me start with a picture of the delicious chicken that we are going to indulge in tonight. thanks to my roommate, this baby has been doing its thang in the crockpot all afternoon and making our apartment smell incredibly edible.

anyway, onto what this post really is about. I said I'd handle dessert tonight (as always) and since our oven is still smoking up our apartment I had to opt for something that was no-bake. no bake cheesecake is a favourite and as I was flipping through my everyday favourites by canadian living I came across no bake chocolate cheesecake pie. sounds delectable, right?

the base was oreo cookie crumbs. after a trip to two grocery stores to try and find them, I mixed them with five tablespoons of butter and lined a nine inch pie plate with them!

the filling called for bittersweet chocolate but the grocery store I went to didn't have that either so in an attempt to save money and 'live on the edge', I used the semi-sweet chocolate chips I had in the fridge. you can't notice a difference, trust me, I licked a lot of the chocolate filling off of every utensil...

I chopped the chocolate chips up so that they would melt quicker when I poured the boiling cream on top and it worked well. I used my little egg whisk and after a few quick flicks of the wrist I had a thick, rich chocolate sauce to marble the cheesecake filling with.

the filling was easy. cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and the remainder of the whipping cream. beat until smooth then spoon it into your pie crust. I had trouble with the marbling part of this dessert. I don't know if I made too much filling or what but you were supposed to spoon it into the crust leaving gaps then pour the chocolate mixture into the gaps and then swirl your knife through it to marble it.

this is the finished result. please, don't judge. I know it doesn't look pretty but c'mon, lets all take a minute and imagine what it ends up looking like in our stomachs. gross, right? so who cares what it looks like 30 seconds before it enters your mouth! (at least this is what I tell myself to make myself feel better about my failed attempt...)

it's cooling in the fridge. everything I tasted off the spoons was delicious so I imagine when we consume it all together it will be wonderful. I'm going to serve it later with fresh raspberries!

happy making!

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