I made stromboli with my leftover pizza dough and oh my gosh, it was delicious! andrew's mom makes it often and I decided to recreate it myself. ugh so yummy, I can't say it enough. my fillings of choice were salami, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese (it has nothing on fresh mozz, damn), parmesan cheese and pesto. 

I rolled out my dough in the most rectangle shape I could. it was more circular because rolling seems to be something I completely fail at but anyway, I made sure it was thin enough so it would cook properly! I made four rolls, two of them had all the toppings and then the other two had salami and mozz with pesto or prosciutto and both cheeses with pesto.

today's lesson that I learned was that yes, there is such thing as too much flour. I went a little flour happy on my parchment paper when rolling my dough and it evidently stuck. next time I'd lay off the flour. besides, it has to be one of the messiest cooking ingredients ever. it sticks to everything and flies everywhere and when you try to wash it off the table or your hands it just becomes paste. ick!

I rolled the dough like carpets and baked them at 400*f for 20 minutes. I based my recipe off of this one (found on foodgawker, who would have guessed!). next time? I'd probably stuff more meat in there! maybe less salami because I find it really salty but prosciutto, man I probably ate more out of the package before it made it on the dough anyway. I use to think it was gross but then I had it wrapped in melon while visiting montreal in january and well, I haven't gone back. SO GOOD. everyone should drop everything right now and go get a cantaloupe and prosciutto, wrap it and eat it. you will not regret it.

there's the finished product! andrew just ate a whole roll of it himself and I'm about to cut myself a few pieces and enjoy it as well. I've got a few more things up my sleeve this week as long as time permits before I jet off to fredericton! I've never been to the east coast and I am really, really excited.

until next time friends, happy making!

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