Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

with m&ms, of course!

admittedly, I still haven't mastered the art of not burning things in my oven. the bottoms of the first batch of these are a little charred but it's the thought that counts. all summer I worked at my university in our conference services department with a lovely bunch of people. the wonderful souls that they are read this and well, it's about time I fed them with something. these aren't extravagant or extremely representative of any talent of mine (aside from burning things) but they are an old favourite so I decided to whip them up after work tonight.

I worked my last CS shift on sunday but tomorrow I have to go and turn in my shirts and rightfully hand over these delicious morsels. had I had more time and energy, I was planning to try out watermelon sugar cookies but guys, let's get real. nothing tastes better than chocolate and oatmeal smushed into one ball of cookie greatness.

and there they are. I didn't feel up to taking pictures of flour coated measuring cups and cracked eggs for artistic purposes so today you are all graced with this out of focus photo on a cooling rack.

if you want to know more, you'll have to hunt down the CS team and ask them how they tasted! (okay whatever I tried one and they are delicious!) I used a canadian living recipe I found with a quick google search and I had all the ingredients here at home (minus the m&ms but after walking across the road to shoppers to get laundry soap I found out that they were on sale!). canadian living is my go-to recipe catalogue of choice because most of their ingredients are things you'd have at home or could find at a generic grocery store - you don't have to run all over the city trying to find things like watermelon extract!

anyway, it's organizing and laundry time for me. until next time (which will probably be tomorrow - I have something up my sleeve for kayla and andy!), happy making!

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