Apple Cheddar Muffins

the perfect fall muffin. I don't feel quite ready to bake with pumpkin yet (still hanging on to summer here...) but these are a great bridge between the seasons. muffins are so great, too. they are the perfect amount of sweet and always manage to hit the spot and are so good with cheese or jam or yogurt or by themselves. mmm! I can't get enough.

cheese and apples seems to be a sentimental thing for me. my grampy always made the very best homemade apple pie and would eat it with old orange cheddar and there was nothing like it. now that he's gone I often catch myself thinking about how good a slice of his pie would be. so, these are apples and cheese combined into one muffin.

I used a canadian living recipe out of my 'mostly muffins' book from my mom. they had flaxseed, apple juice, cheddar, shredded apple and your basic muffins ingredients: an egg, flour, baking powder, sugar. they turned out not as burnt like usual because my mom came to my rescue and bought me an oven thermometer! I mean, I think it wouldn't be authentically emily made if it didn't burn a little bit. but with that, these are so great. I've eaten three already today...

well, my dinner is calling. I threw it all into the crockpot this morning at 7:30am before heading out the door for the day so keep an eye out to see what I've concocted and the results!

until next time, happy making!

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  1. Oh Emily!
    I have been vvanting to make muffins, and going through recipes, but do have to try yours!

    Just love your vvebsite, and the title of it too. So cute.

    Keep it coming:)

    Love Aunt Di xo


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