Broccoli and White Cheddar Mac 'n Cheese

this recipe has been sitting in the back of my head for weeks and last night I finally had time to make it for dinner. broccoli is my favourite vegetable. I could eat it in everything and with everything for the rest of my life. it's one of my favourite things to throw into kraft dinner so when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it! it was so easy to make. I can't stress that enough. it probably took me all of 15 minutes to throw together! waiting for the macaroni to cook was the longest part. 

I made a few changes along the way but it was delicious nonetheless. for starters, I definitely had too much macaroni in comparison to everything else but that is a lesson learned. I used old white cheddar cheese as my cheese of choice. cheese is so expensive to buy and since I was already buying orange cheddar to make muffins with, I couldn't stand the thought of splurging to buy pepper jack as well. 

last night it tasted bland and I was a little bit disappointed but I just reheated some for dinner. I shredded some more cheese onto it, zapped it in the microwave for a minute and stirred it around and bam! that was the flavour I was looking for. last night when I was making the sauce, the flour clumped with the butter and then the cheese didn't melt into it all as nicely as I had expected but today I definitely solved it and with a little bit of extra cheddar and a good stir, it was delicious.

it makes a lot. the recipe says it serves two as a main dish but in actuality I probably could have fed an entire circus. I'll be eating this for days at this rate! 

it was really nice to spend some time in the kitchen this weekend.  I just whipped up a batch of apple cheddar muffins and I'm looking forward to seeing how they taste. I have a slow cooker meal up my sleeve for tomorrow since I've got a long day ahead of me. we'll see if I get up early enough to toss it all together before I have to be at school for 8:30am though!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I know for me that this was the last weekend of laziness probably until christmas vacation. school starts in full swing this week and there is no going back. I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to the perfect summer I had but I have my fingers crossed that all the good times carry forward into fall.

until next time, happy making!

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