Peanut Butter Kisses

I had the idea of peanut butter cookies stuck in my head and I couldn't get it out so on sunday my friend courtney came over to my apartment and we tackled peanut butter kisses. they're a classic and easy to whip up. I was a little disgusted by the half cup of shortening that was included- did you know that stuff is flammable?! 

we used a recipe from the hershey's website and to my surprise, these babies didn't burn. courtney must be a good luck charm because these are perfect.

the recipe made about 40 cookies, so we split them up and my roommates and I have been enjoying them since. the only words of wisdom I have to offer is don't push the kisses down hard, just set them into the cookie and they will meld their way in on their own. I pushed them in and then the cookie crumbled around it. as much as it was an excuse to just eat the cookie right off the pan because it wouldn't transport to the rack in one was also a silly mistake and easily avoidable! anyway, my mom doesn't call me the cookie monster with no reason!

tonight's dinner may make an appearance on here shortly. I wasn't overly fond of it but andrew thoroughly enjoyed it, which seems to be a recurring theme with everything I cook. oh well!

I hope everyone is enjoying watching the leaves change and the temperatures drop. this is my favourite time of year! until next time, happy making!

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