Apple Pie

fall is my favourite time of year and to ring in the new season, andrew and I went apple picking last weekend. we picked cortland apples and bought some macintosh which are my favourite for eating. it was the perfect fall day date and the weather was gorgeous. 

we spent most our time laughing and trying to find ones that worms hadn't eaten through and with success we left with two bags of apples and two jugs of apple cider.

I googled "apple pie recipes" and picked one by canadian living. I just bought pie shells from the grocery store and made a crumble for the top because I didn't have pie dough. the crumble was nice though, kind of a combination of pie and crisp!

the recipe was simple and with the help of my new oven thermometer, nothing burned. my only observation is that the crumble makes a lot so for my second pie I halved the recipe and still had some left over!

this pie went to andrew's house for him and his roommates and I made one for here the other night using the same recipe. I still have tons of apples left so my plan for the weekend is to make one from scratch for andrew to take home for thanksgiving and I'll bring the rest to my parent's house so my mom and I can tackle gluten free crust for my dad.

thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays, mainly because it's the one holiday we know our entire family will make it to nans and grampy's house. there will be lots of good food coming up this weekend that I can't wait to sink my teeth into and if everything goes according to plan, I'm hoping I can contribute some dessert!

back to homework and loving on my kitten that I adopted yesterday! I'm sure he'll make an appearance here sooner rather than later. until next time, happy making!

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