Grandma Cole's Shortbread Cookies

my mom told me she'd have me do some of her holiday baking and she wasn't kidding! the list has been non-stop this week. at the beginning of the week I made skor toffee bars, which will make their appearance here soon! my sister has done a fair share of the baking as well but today I decided to tackle the shortbread.

the last few years we've done an easier version of these that doesn't involve rolling out the dough and cutting shapes, but you only get to use christmas cookie cutters once a year so I wasn't passing up my opportunity!

this is a recipe that was my grandma's mom's and is always a crowd pleaser. I browned the edges of some unintentionally because apparently I can't judge the heat of an oven anywhere. at least we've figured out now that I can't blame the oven anymore, only my incompetence when it comes to using them.

the recipe is as follows:
1 cup of butter
1/2 cup of icing sugar
2 cups of flour
1 tsp of vanilla

cream the butter and sugar together. add the flour slowly while stirring. add the vanilla. roll out and cut into shapes, garnish with cherries (if desired). bake at 325*c for 20 minutes.

easy peasy! shortbread are easily in my top three favourite holiday cookies.

christmas is only three sleeps away so I hope all your baking is done, your presents are wrapped and your families are arriving to celebrate! until next time, happy making!

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