Candy Cane Blossoms

okay, so I was missing the candy cane kisses because I went to three stores and couldn't find them, so these are kind of candy cane kisses.

anyway, I found this recipe while searching the internet for god only knows what and they looked promising. they were easy to make - just a simple sugar cookie recipe rolled in coloured sugar. I kind of forgot that the coloured sugar would make them super sweet and went a little overboard on making sure they were really red or really green but the consumers of these didn't complain at all. whether it was out of politeness or they were actually delicious, I'll never know but I'll continue to tell myself it's the latter.

these were just a basic sugar cookie base - all the ingredients are something you'd usually have stocked so with a bit of festive sugar crystals and a hershey's kiss pushed into the centre, they make for a lovely sweet treat!

today I made skor toffee bars so they'll be on here soon! gingerbread, shortbread and a few others are on their way and tomorrow night I'm making minestrone soup from scratch for my famjam, we'll see how it turns out! hopefully they'll enjoy my food as much as andrew and my roommates do!

it's hard to believe christmas is five days away! hopefully everyone is finishing up their shopping and enjoying time with family! until next time, happy making!

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  1. Really PRETTY Emmz!
    I just finished making Pumpkin Spice Cranberry Muffins. Next are the chocolate haystacks, I think they are called, and then tomorrovv is the day-long shortbread fiasco. They alvvays turn out nicely though!

    Loving your recipes and the pictures:)

    Aunt Di xo


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