Sugar Cookies

martha stewart strikes again! no, not me, the actual martha. her recipes never disappoint! I have her cookies cookbook but the recipe for sugar cookies in the actual book was too fancy, so I used google to find a recipe and this one popped up!

I was hoping for soft sugar cookies, but these were a little on the crispy side. I don't know whether to blame my oven or the recipe or myself. the ones that I cut a little thicker were softer, but they weren't cake soft like I had imagined. anyway, someone has shared a soft sugar cookie recipe with me that I plan to try sooner rather than later!

so the reason behind making these cookies was to feed my co-workers! they ended up at the office for everyone to enjoy before the holidays. 

I used the icing recipe that was at the top of the cookie recipe. it was more like a glaze, but I coloured it with food colouring to spice things up a bit. long story short, my next set of sugar cookies will be soft and frosted with buttercream.

christmas is just nine days away now, which is hard to believe! I'm headed back home for the holidays on sunday and can hardly wait to get there. honestly, there isn't much to do but I know I will be spending my week wrapping presents, catching up with friends and baking for my mom!

tonight I made more christmas cookies (when boredom strikes...) so they'll be up soon, keep your eye out!

until next time, happy making!

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