Cake Pops

this year I wanted to go bigger and better than last year's rainbow cake. it will never be possible. I outdid myself last year and every birthday cake I present andrew with from here to the end of time will never be as awesome as my rainbow masterpiece.

this year I decided to do something different so I made cake pops. contrary to my usual "it was a breeze to make, so easy!" these were not. these were challenging and if these cake pops had feelings, the choice words I said to them would have had them locking themselves in their bedrooms crying for days. thankfully it was just funfetti cake and it doesn't have feelings.

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I followed the instructions I read all over the internet. bake a cake (from a box or from scratch, kudos to you if you'd actually bake one from scratch for these things!) and let it cool. crumble the cake in a bowl and mix in a can of icing. form into balls and cool. melt chocolate and dip them in it. 

this is how it went down: I baked two flawless cakes. martha stewart (despite it being from a box) would have shaken my hand and told me good job, they were that fantastic. I let them cool overnight and the next morning I crumbled them into a bowl. I mixed a can of vanilla icing into the bowl and I rolled them into balls. this is where it gets interesting...

after rolling them into balls I decided I was going to put them in my freezer. little did I know that the container I had them in was just a snick too big and the freezer door wouldn't seal. in my fit of frustration I grabbed the duct tape and taped the freezer closed. a few hours later I melted my vanilla chocolate wafes and tried to coat the cake pops. it was a disaster. 

I gave up until the next day and these are the finished product. mind you a kindergarten child could probably do a more precise job than me but it's the thought that counts, right? freezing them overnight seemed to help and I put them to harden on a cookie sheet before adding them to the sticks (as I learned the night before that if they aren't cool they will slide down the stick and then it just looks like you're stupid when you hand someone this sea of sticks with balls of cake at the bottom.) 

would I make them again? absolutely. would I be better prepared? of course. I think next time I'd be a little more adventurous with them because trying to precisely make them look like something may make me less impatient than when I'm rolling them around in chocolate. 

either way, I think the birthday boy enjoyed them and to me, that is all that matters! 

until we meet again cake pops...

happy making! :)

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