Summer around here has been busy and that's hardly an exaggeration.  I've never understood "on the move" as much as I have over the last three months.  And to think, tomorrow is already the first of August! Summer is really flying by (even if the weather has been reminiscent of late September the last few days), but at the very least I can say I've enjoyed it.

Here's a sneak peek at what life has handed us lately. I can be found over on Instagram as whatemilysaid

a little Thursday pick-me-up to kick off the long weekend and add a punch of colour to the kitchen.

the gallery wall is slowly but surely coming together.  it's not as structured as some, but we like how it's looking! Andrew even has a new piece to add this weekend! needless to say it will reflect both of our personalities perfectly. 

the weather has been anything but summer-like here lately with an exceptional amount of rain. last night, to your left was a golden/pastel sunset and to right your, black ominous storm clouds...with this gem in between!

the farmer's market on Sundays (when we're in town) is never a let-down. in June, we probably ate our body weight in strawberries. 

roadtripping to Kawartha Lakes for an overnight at the cottage with Andrew's family!

the best weekend of the summer so far. L&G came in from Winnipeg (!) and P&D from southern Ontario and we congregated in Muskoka for a day out on the water, despite it being overcast and chilly! 

Justin Timberlake (hello 6th row! this photo has no zoom!) for my girl Heather's 24th birthday. BEST. NIGHT. EVER. 

let's embrace Friday with ombre shorts and jelly bellys! 

all you have to do is drive across the border into Quebec and you'll find Gatineau Park, where you'll consequently find beautiful spots like this. 

trying out new hair things with second-day hair. 

Andrew and Greg. Pure Muskoka. 

the sunset before the Canada Day fireworks was a show of its own. 

August is going to fly by! It starts with Andrew's birthday on Tuesday, two weddings, a weekend trip, some company coming to stay this weekend and our regular work weeks in between! We're savouring every last moment of the warmth and summer air, because sooner than we know it we'll be looking at out swirling snow.

Enjoy the long weekend, friends! 

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