It's August in Ontario which means it is peach season (and corn!!!) In keeping with the season, I bought peaches at the grocery store on Sunday! The only problem is that I couldn't eat them fast enough and they started to get too soft, so I had to find something to do with them. With that, peach oatmeal muffins were born (with a few raspberries sprinkled in, too!)

Easy and simple to whip up after work, half an hour to bake and there you go, breakfast on the go for the next two weeks. 

After filling the muffin tins I decided to throw in the few raspberries I had leftover in the fridge for a bit more colour and depth.  My only gripe with oatmeal muffins is that they don't rise.  Every other muffin recipe rises with big, fluffy peaks and these ones are flat and dejected looking. They're also a tad on the bland side, but that's nothing a piece of cheese can't fix! 

I'm slowly but surely getting back into my baking groove. Being able to come home and use my kitchen is something I didn't know I missed so much. All of my stuff in one place and all the time I need to do whatever I please is something I'm incredibly grateful for.  This little apartment has quickly become a home that I really, really enjoy being in. 

My muffins are adapted from this recipe but some suggestions I'd make: add cinnamon to the batter, or on top for additional flavour.  If you've got fruit that is looking for a purpose, much like the leftover raspberries from my lunch today, toss them in for additional zing!

Alternatively, I had originally imagined peach muffins with sour cream but I didn't scour the internet far enough to find a recipe.  I imagine they'd probably be the ultimate peach muffin.  With that being said, I'm quite interested in experimenting with recipes and trying to create my own.  I seem to be pretty good at flavour pairings, substitutions and experimenting with dinner meals, so I think I'll step out of my comfort zone a little bit and try creating my own recipes sooner rather than later. The worst that can happen is that it tastes horrible!

I'm hoping in the coming weeks there will be a bit of DIY on here. I'm writing this post from my corner of our office and I love how it's coming along, so probably some home decor!  We'll see what else I can muster up, but there is a sticky note on my desk with plenty of ideas and projects I'd like to tackle.

We're already a week into August so summer is flying by! I don't want to wish it away, but I have a soft spot for fall as well. Both are inspiring seasons, so hopefully the creativity and eagerness to 'create' keeps flowing!

Until next time, happy making!

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