Dress: Gap (old) | Sandals: Sam and Libby | Cuff: Chained Reaction

Vacation has come and gone! It was hard to leave behind the sun and return to -30*c temperatures...but we've got plenty of photos of the turquoise water, white sand, and lush palm trees to remind us of how lovely it was!

It was also a great opportunity to wear some of my favourite summer pieces again! This dress was on the sale rack at Gap last summer in high volumes and I couldn't figure out why no one wanted to buy it! It's honestly one of my favourite dresses in my closet. The clean white and the pink detailing make it easy to dress up or down and it's so comfortable.

I kept it clean and simple for dinner on this night with a copper cuff and my favourite pair of brown sandals.

Now it's time to venture outside into what apparently feels like -40*C with the windchill. It goes without saying my sandals have been put away for another few months!

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  1. I just love that photo, Emily.
    The water behind you, along with your pensive look, is all naturally beautiful. The dress is adorable! I am wondering if no one bought it because, perhaps The Gap only had small sizes left (?). Cute, no matter.

    I remember you two coming home and having to face that nasty cold.



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