I'm on a DIY kick! It's so satisfying! If you're digging the DIYs too, you can head over the Huffington Post Canada Living's instagram page where I'm taking over this week for March Craftness! Five days of DIYs by yours truly!

I bought these nightstands at Ikea for $10 just over a year ago and I've disliked how boring they are since. At the time I was desperate for something so didn't shop around and rather just went the cheap route. 

But, inspiration struck me the other day and I decided to do something subtle to change it up and I really like how it turned out! The white dipped legs are so subtle but it's just what they needed to bring them from boring to "hey, those are cool!"

All you'll need is painters tape, coloured paint of your choice, the brush, and of course the piece of furniture!

There you have it! Simple but a great way to subtly update your space. I'm always looking for new ways to freshen things up, and this was perfect. 

Spring is on the way, so there is much more to come as the weather gets warmer and the sun shines longer. Happy Monday, friends!


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Maira Gall