You probably wouldn't guess that I hate winter with the amount of outdoor activities we've been up to lately! I saw Wallingford Back Mine on Instagram last weekend and knew we had to get there ASAP. So we layered up for the second weekend in a row and drove 45 minutes in Quebec to find this hidden gem.

After skidding around snow covered back roads in my not-made-for-backroads car we managed to find a spot to pull over and we hiked the kilometre or so down to the mine. You walk up to what looks like a hole in a rock face and once you step inside it's breathtaking. It's a massive cavern with twists and turns and the best part, a frozen surface that you can skate on.

I love this photo of my love. As a side note, he's so supportive of adventure and spur of the moment decisions. Sometimes there's a bit of hesitation but he always pulls through with my best interest in mind. I'm lucky to know him, but I'm even luckier to be loved by him for the last 7 years.

This is worth the drive, this is worth the snowy roads, this is worth the little bit of risk associated with it. It was amazing. Being a bit daring, trying something you wouldn't usually do, and most importantly, collecting memories is a big part of 2016 for me. So far we're off to a great start! How's 2016 for you so far? 

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  1. I saw your post and had to go and check this place out myself. It was well worth the drive. Thank you!


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