My life basically revolves around the weather. This is something I've come to terms with. I feel like an entirely new person when I'm not shivering. With this rejuvenated me comes a fresh perspective on what I've got in my closet! It's the time to bring the lighter, airier pieces to the front and tuck the dark black blazers and wool pants to the back of the closet. With the exception of this jacket, of course...

Woohoo! The buds are on the trees and the tulips are blooming!

I won't mention my white jeans because I think I've praised them enough, but I will sing the praises for this jacket! I'm all about long blazers and jackets this spring. I can't seem to get enough of them! I love love love the cut and fit this particular one and truly think it takes a basic outfit up a notch. Getting dressed for work can be tough! I work in a business casual office and have to fight the urge to dress on the casual side of business casual every day. I think this outfit is a perfect in-between. Let's be real, I can't force myself to wear dress pants every day - it's just not my thing, so I appreciate the challenge of having to find a happy medium that isn't my blue denim that I get to wear on Fridays but isn't the itchy dress pants that I dread. I'm also a really big fan of the lighter tones on the bottom contrasted by the dark top half. My go-to work look is typically black skinny jeans so the opposite gives a different look that I'm partial to! 

My jacket is from H&M and on sale for half-price, but isn't available online anymore. It may still be in stores if you're lucky, and at the very least if not in this pattern, maybe in one of the many they had this season! I've also linked similar jackets for you herehere and here

 Apparently I'm also a huge fan of the left side of my face....

How do you dress for the office? Are you a dress pants kind of gal, or do you push the boundaries and stretch your business casual style? What's your favourite way to wear your white jeans? Let me know!

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