It's officially spring! At least that's what the calendar says. What's going on outside would indicate otherwise. It snowed 10cm yesterday and it's still blowing a damp, blustery wind. That doesn't stop me from bringing spring into every other part of my life, though! I paid a visit to my good friend and hairstylist, Heather at Mint Hair Studio, on Thursday and we went blonde. Like really blonde. I've never pictured myself as one to have snow white hair but alas, here we are and I love it! 

Now that I feel light and fresh for spring it's time to bring those elements into my wardrobe as well. I did a huge closet purge today and got rid of anything that I haven't worn in the last 6 months because that's a good rule to have. If you haven't worn it in the last six months (the difference in seasons aside) is there a chance you'll wear it in the next six months? Another great rule to keep your wardrobe under control (something I really need to work on) is that every time you add a new piece to your wardrobe, you should get rid of something you don't wear anymore. After a giant purge this morning and paring my wardrobe down to pieces that I love, I now have two giant piles on my bed that I need to sort through before we turn in for the night! 

The sun was shining today even if it was quite chilly, so we headed downtown to walk around the Byward Market and soak up some vitamin D. I am all about the bell sleeve trend that is in this season so when I spotted this muted floral blouse at H&M this week I knew it was something I wanted to add to my closet. The elastic around the sleeve makes the bell portion controllable. The sleeves won't ride up under a jacket because yes, we're still wearing our jackets, and is a simple way to elevate an otherwise simple top. With a classic pair of dark jeans and my new specs (thanks Merivale Vision Care!) I'm ready to take on the new season! C'mon spring, we're waiting for you! 

I know, I know. The twisted strap on this bag drives me bananas, too! It's been a pain ever since I bought it. I don't think it's ever not been twisted. Get it together, Michael Kors!

Outfit details: Blouse: H&M (bought this week but not online, dress in similar pattern) | Jeans: Guess (similar) | Specs: Kate Spade from Merivale Vision Care | Booties: Joe Fresh (similar)

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