I will be the very first person to admit that I am not a coffee snob. I'm not very educated on what makes coffee great versus not-so-great aside from the fact that if it's not iced, I'm not touching it (well, with the exception of a latte. Does that count as coffee? See, I'm really not that educated when it comes to coffee!) I'm a tea girl through and through, but there are exceptions (like the aforementioned latte...)

One thing I can confirm though is that I really like cold brew. I'm usually a just a splash of milk, please! type of girl but I've been looking for a way to sweeten it just a little bit aside from a sprinkling of sugar. So I put on my what-would-large-coffee-chain-with-a-green-logo-do hat and well, that's when the idea struck me! Lavender simple syrup!

I have been obsessed with lavender since last summer when I made this large batch of lavender simple syrup for cocktails. Since then I've used  lavender in everything I can possible think of. Shortbread, lemon curd (my personal fave!) and more, and then another batch of lavender simple syrup. This time around this recipe is a little less concentrated and a smaller batch!

Here's my recipe to make a perfect cup of cold brew on a Saturday morning! Even if I don't know much about coffee, I can tell you that this is amazing. 

In your favourite glass, add ice cubes (or coffee iced cubes if you're really planning ahead!), cold brew, 1-2 tsp lavender simple syrup (recipe to follow) and milk or cream, if desired. Stir and enjoy!

The syrup is really sweet and has a strong lavender flavour so if you're not drawn to floral notes, this may not strike a chord with you. But for those of you who can't waaaait to try it, here's the recipe!

Lavender Simple Syrup

1 c. white sugar
1 c. water
2 tbsp dried culinary lavender

1. In a heavy bottom saucepan, combine water, sugar and lavender. Whisk together and bring to a boil, simmer for 2 minutes until sugar has dissolved.
2. Let the syrup sit at room temperature for at least an hour, then drain through a fine mesh sieve. Reserve the syrup in an airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 7 days.

So tell me, will you give this a go? How do you like your iced coffee or cold brew? Are you like me and a splash of milk and go type of person, or are you very particular about your coffee order? Educate me on the world of coffee beans, my friends! I'm all ears to learn more about these little beans. In the meantime, if you give this a go and post it on social media, tag me so I can see your creations!

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  1. IMPORTANT NOTE: It absolutely HAS TO BE culinary grade lavender. Most of the stuff you find will be only good enough for making potpourri or soap. Use the right stuff or it will taste way too sharp and chemically instead of soft and floral.


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