Ah, the time has come for our annual trip to the apple orchard! Unfortunately, this year we were a little too late to pick Macintosh apples, so we wandered around the orchard for a bit before buying a pre-picked bag! Usually we spend an hour or two waltzing through the rows of trees, but I had my heart set on Macs this year and we were just a tad too late! We still left with a bushel of apples (you better believe I'll be baking up a storm with them!) and my absolute favourite, the biggest jug of apple cider there ever was.

It should come as no surprise that I take going to the apple orchard as an opportunity to plan an outfit. It should also come as no surprise that I love Joe Fresh. I've been a regular shopper at Joe Fresh since they came to be for a number of reasons. At an affordable price point, their pieces are an easy way to add trendy items to your wardrobe. Not to mention that Joe Fresh is accessible. I mean, who doesn't love picking up milk, eggs, bread, and a new blouse? Lastly, I appreciate their sizing. As a tall girl, sometimes I find it difficult to find sleeves that hit at my wrist opposed to my elbows, and pants that actually come to my ankles rather than mid-calf.

Joe Fresh has some really wonderful pieces in stores for this fall. Not only are the pieces affordable and accessible, but they're also really versatile. On one of my more recent trips I picked up a new pair of jeans (always necessary!) and as I mentioned earlier, these ones are actually the right length--despite the fact I've cuffed them! In addition to the new jeans, I decided on this red knit cardigan. Let me tell you a story about red. I thought I didn't like it! I spent the better part of  my teenage years working at Canadian Tire and spent a lot those years donning a bright red polo shirt. It's been a good 10 years since I stopped working there, and it's taken me that long to warm back up to having any red in my closet. Turns out, it's not a terrible colour after all. I love that you can layer this cardigan over pieces you already have in your wardrobe. It adds a pop of colour to a palette that usually consists of grey, black and tan this time of year. I surprised myself with the red cardigan, and truth be told, I love it! Always on the lookout for a smaller cross body for weekend errands (I need a bigger bag for the work week!) this little brown leather bag basically screamed "pick me! pick me!"

Oh, fall fashion, how I have such a soft spot for you. October 1st is here (crazy!) and with that means changing over my wardrobe. This is just the start of layers, chunky sweaters, booties and that bone-chilling cold that you just can't shake (ugh!)

Long Cardigan: Joe Fresh | Jeans: Joe Fresh | Crossbody: Joe Fresh | Shoes: Franco Sarto

 This post was brought to you in partnership with Joe Fresh. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Love the red cardigan!! As a photographer, red is a favourite for me :) Looks great on you!


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