bridesmaid proposal box

When the time came to ask some of my favourite girls to stand beside me on our big day next year, I knew I wanted to do something special. After all, all of these ladies have been by my side since the day I met Andrew (and many long before that!) and asking them to be part of my girl gang over a glass of champagne wasn't going to be enough.

Bridesmaid boxes are all over Pinterest and Instagram as the way to propose to your bridesmaids. I knew I wanted to do them on a smaller scale, saving some of the special gifts for our actual wedding day. After shopping around and picking up little things as I saw them, I have to say that these boxes came together quite nicely!

Spoiler alert: they all said yes! To make each box customized, I wrote the girls names on a champagne flute with a gold Sharpie (purchased from Walmart for $1/piece). They each received a different card, made by Becca of The Happy Ever Crafter, purchased at the Satin and Snow Boutique. The cards were one of my favourite parts of these boxes! From "Try to act surprised..." to "You're like, really pretty" to "I can't say I do without you" to "I literally can't even (without you)" there was a card that fit each girl's personality, and our relationship, to a tee!

For my sister and Andrew's sister, they received rose gold bracelets and white candles, and my other three girls received silver bracelets and pink candles! The candles were a clearance rack find at Indigo!

In case you're looking to build your own bridesmaid boxes... The boxes were purchased from IKEA ($4.99/piece) and the paper crinkle was a dollar store find (2 bags/box). The look on the cashier's face when I walked up with arms overflowing with paper crinkle and he says, "Do you mind if I ask what you're doing with so much crinkled paper?" If only you knew...

Additionally, the bracelets are Lauren Conrad Knot Bracelets from Kohls and the sweet treats were Champagne or Rose Bears by Sugarfina available at Nordstrom!

We're pretty excited for the next 11 months of planning and celebrating, but we're even more excited to have a tribe of some of our favourite people standing with us. Let the fun begin!

bridesmaid proposal box

bridesmaid proposal box

bridesmaid proposal box


  1. Love everything about this!! Can't wait to celebrate with you over the next 11 months!

  2. How fun and cute are these bridesmaids boxes!! I love crinkle paper filled gift boxes and that pink velvet ribbon! Obsessed! Can I ask where you found them?!
    Such an adorable idea.

    x Sabrina

  3. Thank you! The crinkle paper was a dollar store find, the boxes are IKEA, and the velvet ribbon was Michael's!


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