Vegetable Soup

hi readers! it's been a long time since I've had a spare moment to cook something in the kitchen and blog about it, but with the time change and gaining an extra hour today, there was no excuse not to!

the common cold has been circulating through our apartment, bouncing from roommate to roommate and currently lindsay is knocked out on the couch - it's her immune systems turn to battle it. with her being sick and it just being a chilly november day, I invited andrew over for dinner and the three of us had delicious homemade vegetable soup with homemade cheese tea biscuits!

it feels like forever since I've been to the grocery store in search of specific ingredients to make a meal. I forgot how therapeutic it is to spend time in the kitchen chopping vegetables and stirring bubbling pots of broth.

the photo really does not do it justice. I originally logged onto my one true love, foodgawker, to pull up another recipe but this was on the homepage and once I saw it I couldn't go back. I used this recipe - her photo definitely makes hers look more heavenly!

it only took me 40 minutes or so to make it, but I was also throwing together tea biscuits so it's a simple meal to make on an evening after school. it left me with tons of leftovers as well so we'll be eating vegetable soup for days!

enough rambling for this evening. this is my attempt at making a comeback here! I don't want this blog to fall off the radar. once I get a firm handle on the term papers I have due at the end of the month, I'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging.

until next time, happy making!

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